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  About me  
  I am Dorrit Cato Christensen. My beloved daughter Luise died in July 2005 in a psychiatric ward. She was only 32. She died suddenly and unexpectedly as it is written in her file. Her mind and body gave up after many years under heavy medication with psychotropics.I find it very important to tell about how dangerous the biochemical approach to mental health treatment can be and mostly is. I started an organization together with a young woman who had lost her son (20 years). I’m now chairman of the organization called "Dead in Psychiatric Care". I also wrote a book about my lovely daughter, about her torture in psychiatric treatment and about how the psychiatric treatment system works in Denmark but I could as well say in the Western World. The book is called "DEAR LUISE, A story of power and powerlessness in Danish Psychiatry". It is going to be published in America sometime in Spring.  
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