This is our contribution the Campaign to Support CRPD Absolute Prohibition of Commitment and Forced Treatment and the right to say NO.
I wrote the story about Luise. How forced treatment ended up with her death. Mental health problem is not a deadly disease. It is not a disease att all. Still unfortunately the death rate because of psychiatric treatment is very high. And much of the treatment is carried out by force.

Professor Peter Gøtzsche talks about Dear Luise and the forced treatment she experienced.
The conference in Copenhagen 16. September 2015


And I can’t stop wondering if the psychiatrists really believe in their dogma, -launched in the eighties- that explains mental health ilnesses as caused by a biochemical disorder in the brain. A disorder which only can be repaired/balanced by psychotropics. I also wonder if the mental health care staff believe that forced treatment helps the mental ill people to recover faster, or have they simply forgotten that they are dealing with human beings instead of “interesting research subjects” The latest in activism and community news from EUNSP, the European Network of (ex)Users and Survivors of Psychiatry. Click here to read Advocacy Update Dead in psychiatric care had a discussion group in a Conference on Psychiatry. The tittle was ‘The Stigma on diagnoses and the Tyranny of diagnoses. Here is the speech.

Psychiatry Gone Astray
Editorial note: We follow up the Guilty post last week with a piece written by Peter Gotzsche that has caused a stir in Denmark and provoked some of the Danish professors he critiques to respond. ..
  •  I’m so happy, that this very important article written by the danish medical professor and scientist Peter Goetzsche is translated. Believe me. This article was the starting signal of long and still running debate. The danish psychiatrists has forwarded lots of hateful arguments against Peter Goetzsche. Among others they argue, that he doesn’t know anything as he is not a psychiatrist. And that his article will cause that several people will commit suicide and lots of other hate full arguments. Sometimes I find that many of the psychiatrists behave like small bad tempered children, that can’t bear contradiction. They forget that their treatment is causing lot of disaster and death
    The National Board of Health promised in 2005, when Luise died from overmedication, to control the administration of psychotropic medicine so  that the scale of medicating would go down.


Demonstration outside Grand Teatre on the 20th of March. Relatives demonstrate , the night of the world premiere of the documentary CAUSE OF DEATH: UNKNOWN.  We were thirty to forty people standing with pictures of our children, who died in psychiatric care.

This demonstration was held  as evidence of the cruelty committed against our beloved. We want this dangerous (over)medication to stop. It spoils peoples lives and very often it takes peoples lives. Press the link and see the demo:





4 thoughts on “Debate

  1. Hi Dorrit
    I have been asked to leave this message for you – from a friend who has just read Dear Luise.

    “When you’re in contact with Dorrit please pass on my greetings and thanks to her for having the courage and strength to write the book. I’m sure it will help us to find a way to rescue our sons and other people. It’s a very moving tribute to Luise’s talents and strengths as well as portraying the horror of what she went through.”

    My friend also said –
    “This morning I finished reading Dear Luise. I felt I was living through the horror with Dorrit, and the horror of how badly she was treated afterwards too. It’s incredible that she met with exactly the same kind of brick wall with her efforts at submitting complaints etc afterwards. The phrase which stands out for me most of all is “psychiatrists are thick as thieves”. That sums it up very accurately. I imagine I might use that quote sometime.”

    Like me, many people have been affected by your book Dorrit, and may there be many more. Bless you.
    Janette xxx

    • Dear Janette.

      I’m very ashamed. I just saw your your lovely comment on my website from almost a year ago. I saw it to day 21. of January 2016. I’m really not very good with all that technique. I can understand from your friends greetings, that she has son who is in this horrible ‘psychiatric treatment system’. So sorry for her and of course her son. You must give her my warmest wishes and all the best for her and her son. Every time I hear about persons that are caught in the treatment system I get so sad and at the same time so angry, for what are they doing to our children. They certainly are not helping. I was very touched by your friends letter and you must please give her my warmest greetings. This comment made me think that I should use this website much more, which I’ll do from to day. Many hugs from Dorrit

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