Power and powerlessness in Psychiatry

I’m happy to present Professor David Healys very fine review on Dear Luise – a story of power and powerlessness in Denmark’s psychiatric care system – I’m so proud as he is the most competent person to review the book. David  is a psychiatrist who is critical of the way specialists overmedicate with psychotropics. He wants to turn psychiatry into a medical profession that helps people getting better not -as it often is now- harming people. I admire his courage very much. Because this position is not easy in the world of today, where in many ways the powerful medical companies dictate how psychiatric treatment should be carried out, that is through a lot of psychotropics.

Another fine review – “One of the most extraordinary books about healthcare ever written”.http://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R3UTEBQ9LPPCI3/ref=cm_cr_dp_title?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00A0V5TO6&channel=detail-glance&nodeID=341677031&store=digital-text

Dear Luise – A story of power and powerlessness in Denmark’s psychiatric care system – is now translated to english.

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An interview about Psychiatric treatment from Dear Luise

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Memorial for the many who died in psychiatric care 15th of July 2016.

15th July we commemorated our beloved family members and friends who died from psychiatric treatment/psychotropics. We also demonstrated to underline that the atrocities such as forced treatment and overmedication must stop immediately. The association ‘Dead in Psychiatric Care’ hold this demonstration every year outside the psychiatric hospital where Luise died i 2005. Thank you to all the people who attended the demonstration. It is my dream that we in the future can have more memorials all over the world for all the many people who died or became invalids because of the dangerous  psychiatric treatment.

Photo Bjørn Ingar Pedersen