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  Dear Luise  

It all started a long time ago. I started writing in desperation. Every time I had had a humiliating experience trying to "help" Luise and where I couldnŐt do anything I went home and wrote page up and page down just to get my frustration out. After some years I had a lot of pages. Luise wanted to tell the 'world' how the patients were treated in psychiatric care in Denmark. So she wanted us to write the book together. She unfortunately never got the chance to be a co-writer as she died suddenly in a psychiatric ward shortly after the idea of a book was born. Six years after her death "Dear Luise - a story of power and powerlessness" was published.

You can buy Dear Luise by clicking at the link below. Thank you.

Dear Luise
A story of power and powerlessness in Danish psychiatry


You can read a few extracts from the book if you follow the links below. They offer a good introduction to the book and my thoughts behind it.




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